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Did someone say Fried Chicken?

  If you ever find yourself in Warren, Ohio, ask a few locals where you should eat. More than likely they are going to tell you to go to The Hot Dogg Shoppe or Sunrise Inn and maybe even The Mocha House but many will say “You gotta try Uncle Nick’s Greek Fried Chicken at… Continue reading Did someone say Fried Chicken?

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Small town game – Big town feel

Heart pounding, fast action, punches flying non-stop action………. hockey anyone? No, I am not talking about the Columbus Blue Jackets. Take a 2 ½ hour drive Northeast of Columbus Ohio and you will find the Youngstown Phantoms. They are a part of the United States Hockey League, Tier 1 and have been in the Youngstown… Continue reading Small town game – Big town feel


Chocolate Stout Brownies

What are your thoughts on Craft Beer? I am not opposed to it. Actually about 2 years ago, Craig and I were trying every Brand & flavor of Craft Beer we could find. I took quite the liking to some of the Pumpkin and Gingerbread beers. It also took quite a liking to my waist… Continue reading Chocolate Stout Brownies


ALMOST Empty Nested

Our house is becoming weirdly quiet! Do you remember when you and your spouse dated? I barely do; it seems like a million years ago. It’s crazy to think about how busy our life was just a few short years earlier. We didn’t have much time for friends or things that needed to be done… Continue reading ALMOST Empty Nested