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Small town game – Big town feel

Heart pounding, fast action, punches flying non-stop action………. hockey anyone? No, I am not talking about the Columbus Blue Jackets. Take a 2 ½ hour drive Northeast of Columbus Ohio and you will find the Youngstown Phantoms. They are a part of the United States Hockey League, Tier 1 and have been in the Youngstown… Continue reading Small town game – Big town feel


Chocolate Stout Brownies

What are your thoughts on Craft Beer? I am not opposed to it. Actually about 2 years ago, Craig and I were trying every Brand & flavor of Craft Beer we could find. I took quite the liking to some of the Pumpkin and Gingerbread beers. It also took quite a liking to my waist… Continue reading Chocolate Stout Brownies


ALMOST Empty Nested

Our house is becoming weirdly quiet! Do you remember when you and your spouse dated? I barely do; it seems like a million years ago. It’s crazy to think about how busy our life was just a few short years earlier. We didn’t have much time for friends or things that needed to be done… Continue reading ALMOST Empty Nested